Segmentation A Key to Analytics Success

Segmentation:  Keys to Analytics Success (4-6 Hrs)

From time-on-site to referring sites to organic vs paid traffic, understanding your visitors and the way they interact with your website is crucial to optimizing your pages and ultimately, to converting those visitors into customers. Partnered with well-defined KPIs and your data analysis feeds, understanding how to segment your visitors will transform your web strategies and translate to increased conversions. In this course, Michael, walks you through good data, bad data, and the importance of effective segmentation analysis.

Segmentation:  Key to Web Analytics Success (4-6 Hrs)

Section 1: Segmentation: The Basics

Without segmentation, Web Analytics can feel like a long list of confusing numbers. If you really want to gain valuable insights into how your website is performing in certain areas, you must segment your data. Follow Michael as he shows the basics of how to drill down into what you really need to know about site performance. Leverage the actionable aspects of your data to get your site where it deserves to be.

Section 2: Segmentation: Advanced Techniques

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to really dig in and get even more actionable information with advanced segments. Want to see which of your site visitors from Canada came through a social media campaign and converted? There’s a segment for that. How about the average time on site of your visitors in Europe who completed a goal? There’s a segment for that, too. With these advanced segmentation techniques, you’ll find insights about your traffic that might surprise even the most seasoned analyst.

Section 3: Five Actionable Segmentation Ideas

Michael walks you through five easy ways to segment your data using analytics software from Google Analytics, ClickTracks, and IndexTools and what actions you can take with your new insights. Don’t worry. The ideas explained in this video can be used in any analytics tool.


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