Landing Page & Conversion Optimization Training Course

Landing Page & Conversion Optimization Training Course

Getting users to your site is only half the battle. Getting them to purchase, to register, to fill out your form, to convert them from visitors to customers — that is your end goal. Michael & Toyin provide a comprehensive overview of landing page optimization, and take you through some real-world examples of what works, what doesn’t, and what steps you can take to, as Bryan says, “always be testing.” In this course, you’ll use video training modules as well as Bryan Eisenberg’s book, Always Be Testing, to create a multi-pronged approach to the material.


Recommended prerequisites: Fundamentals: Conversion

Conversion Optimization (40 Hours)


Introduction to Conversion Optimization

In this introductory overview, you’ll get a good feel for what it means to embrace an “always be testing” culture, including a series of short training videos from Google on Website Optimizer that will enable you to easily add a variety of critical tests on your site.


Conversion Planning
Now that you have a good sense of what conversion optimization is, what’s required to create a solid optimization culture, and some of the tools available to set up and run your tests, it’s time to jump in and develop some concepts and strategies. In Developing a Framework, you’ll learn how to identify and qualify your website traffic so you can better understand which leads are most likely to result in conversions.


Then, you’ll dive into one of the more critical aspects of optimization: customer personas. You’ll discover the strategies and goals of each persona, and more importantly, how to build your site so it gives each persona what they need to feel comfortable doing business with you.


Creating Conversion Structure
At this point, you should have a good grasp on the concept of personas, and how to identify and design your website around those personas. Plus, your first test should now be set up with a solid hypothesis and reasoning behind it.


Now it’s time to learn about structure, including definition of goals, deciding what to test, measurement of your results, and quality evaluation of your landing pages. You’ll also become familiar with the Conversion Optimization Toolbox, which will prove very valuable as you evaluate, design, and test your pages.


Building Momentum

Okay, so you know your users, cater to them all, have the perfect landing pages, and your tests are yielding good results. Now what? Momentum. Keeping your users interested, trusting in you, and consistently moving through your site and through the conversion process are the ultimate goals. In this module, you’ll take a close look at all the things that keep your customers happy and wanting to do business with you. Plus it’s time to take a look at the results of your first test, and run a second test.


Engaging in a Dialog with Your Users

Communication between you and your customer is a critical part of the success of your business. Everything from the language you use on your website all the way to managing complaints, reviews, and testimonials can sway users either way about your products and services. In this module, you’ll take a look at the multiple ways in which you and your customers communicate with each other.


Web Analytics Analysis & Measurement
It’s time to build on the concept of A/B testing and user interaction, and expand that knowledge into even more sophisticated goals and metrics. Which brings us to Web Analytics …


Defining useful metrics is absolutely critical to successful testing. Yet it’s difficult to know exactly which metrics are the most effective and which are a waste of time. For years, analysis revolved around tracking total and unique visitors, but luckily things have become a great deal more sophisticated — and complicated.

In this module, Web Analytics faculty chair Avinash Kaushik joins the conversation with a comprehensive introduction to KPIs, providing a solid foundation for your more advanced analytics strategies.


Taking Action with Conversion Strategies

In this module, Bryan takes all the concepts and strategies and turns them into action items. You’ll see 21 tips for top converting websites as well as actionable exercises to capitalize on in your own company — especially if you’re tracking social media trends, which you should be.


Supplemental Materials:


Product Page Optimization

Worry less about shopping cart abandonment, and pay more attention to product pages. Learn the seven product page essentials you’ve got to master to compel visitors to make that click. Plus, learn what it is that motivates people to buy your applications or services, and improve your non-ecommerce product pages.


PPC Conversion Strategies

Learn how to create a seamless transition from the ad to the page that maintains scent, stays on message, keeps your visitors focused, and helps compel your visitor to convert. Then discover how important it is to design ads that capture the imagination with bold, clear messaging that sets expectations and guides users to conversion. Lastly, take a look at the bad habits that can keep you from building ads and landing pages that convert.


Conversion Math Analytics

Which landing page is your best performer? Are you sure? Bryan and guest lecturer, mathematics expert John Quarto-von Tivadar, shows you how to tell if you’ve got enough impressions and conversion data to be statistically significant. You’ll be able to know with certainty which of your pages are performing and which need to be improved — or just plain thrown out.