Most times, we put off tasks we should do today for tomorrow, giving ourselves many reasons why we should do it tomorrow. This is called procrastination, and it affects everyone. It’s a tendency where we put off tasks for later and then that later never really arrives, making the tasks to keep on piling. Procrastination leads to one not developing the startup idea they have. The person ends up dwelling in the concept development and planning stage and never taking any action.

In the long run, procrastination takes a toll on our potential, relationships, finances, and even our health. An individual act of procrastination can lead to a vicious cascade of procrastination that’ll keep you procrastinating unendingly.

Are you always trapped in the cycle of procrastination and you never find yourself really developing your startup idea or taking the step that’ll help you actualize your dreams?

This blog post is structured to help you with strategies that’ll help you work efficiently and productively to develop your idea finally.


Start from Difficult Tasks

Humans procrastinate difficult tasks and large tasks more. This is because we always try to look for the perfect time to start the project. We end up not taking action and keep on pushing the task past project deadline.

What can you do to avoid this?

Create a to-do list every morning or every night before bed. Ensure you prioritize all the large, challenging, and time-consuming tasks and assign a deadline for each task. Setting a deadline for each task ensures you don’t save time for procrastination. Finishing off the most challenging tasks right at the beginning eases up your schedule giving you more time to relax.


Divide your work into Smaller Segments

Taking on a massive project like launching your startup idea is always overwhelming, especially when there is no timeline accompanying the task. This is why people usually fall into the temptation of procrastinating developing their startup idea.

In such situations, take the project one step at a time by dividing the tasks into smaller daily and weekly sub-tasks. When necessary, you can also delegate some of the work to others and handle some yourself. Once the project is in subtasks, achieving it becomes easier.


Set a Mid-Day Alarm

Sometimes, you can spend an entire day playing about with insignificant things only to realize that you’ve accomplished nothing you planned for the day. It happens to almost all of us at one point in life or another.

What’s the solution?

All you need to do is set the alarm with reminders for all the critical tasks you have scheduled for the day. This way, when the alarm goes off, you’ll know what you’re supposed to do next and how much time you’ve lost already. If you’ve planned something else previously, you can replan your schedule according to your priorities.


Develop a Reward program

Nothing encourages humans to work more than the prospect of being rewarded for a work well done. Try to set up your own reward system to keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals for the day. When you set up a reward system of what you’ll do for yourself when you finally start working on your startup idea, you’ll see yourself taking action. The idea is to keep your mind forced to put in your best to accomplish the task.


Conclusively, though it’s often impossible to most chronic procrastinators, always remember that anything is possible and one only fails when they fail to try. Work towards ending procrastination today and move forward to develop your startup idea finally. Because if you don’t and remain in the conceptualization stage forever, another person will start your idea before you.