The benefits of a healthy employer/employee relationship cannot be overemphasized. This relationship, when healthy, can be the key to the ultimate success of any organization. When the employer and the employees are in a good working relationship, it has a way of boosting productivity and motivating the employees. This thereby increases efficiency, creates a less conflict environment, and increases employee loyalty. All these generally result in your company performing at its peak performance. The big question then is, “How can one achieve a strong employer/employee relationship.”

How to develop a healthy relationship is the next big step after realizing the importance of a good employer/employee relationship. The first vital factor in achieving this, on the part of the employer, is proper management. With good management, you’ll gain your employees’ respect. Research has shown that employees who respect their employers are more likely to over-achieve in their designated duties. Proper management creates a goal-setting environment where employees are inspired to work with high productivity. With this, “how to create good management” becomes the triggering factor.

In this piece, we highlight some ways to create sound management which will help you achieve a strong employer/employee relationship.


Motivate Your Employees

One thing business owners fail to know is that not everyone works for the money. Some people, no matter how few, do work the passion. Ask yourself these questions; Why are the employees working for me? What can I do to keep them loyal to my organization?

With the correct answer to these questions, you’ll understand why your employees are working for you and develop ways to motivate them further. You can motivate your workforce through various encouragements and incentives. You can encourage your workers by applauding them routinely, whether in private or in public. When your employees are happy, they’ll be productive employees that’ll work to boost your business.


Set Achievable Goals

Another way to achieve a healthy employee relationship is by imbibing the spirit of ambition and success in them. Help them to set achievable goals, work towards them, and attain the goals. Work with the principle of “Under-Promise; Over-Deliver.” Don’t be the one who promises wildly optimistic goals and never meet any. Be the one that sets measured goals and exceeds expectations. Build this reputation with your employees, and you’ll surely gain their respect.



Delegating works to your employees is vital. Through delegation, you’ll teach and empower your employees with the skills they need to do some things on their own. This will help both you and your employees understand each employee’s strengths and weaknesses and work towards striking a productive balance. Some of the things to consider include; assignment tasks that challenge your employees, standing in for your employees when they make unavoidable mistakes, not taking credit for your employees’ achievements, and accepting your mistakes.


Effective Communication

The essence of communicating effectively with your employees can never be disputed. Create a work environment with an active communication network, and you’ll experience the ripple effects on your employees. Always keep your door open to your employees and make yourself available to them. Always inform and remind them that your door is open to any inquiries, concerns, and recommendations they may have. Reassure them that you’re ever willing and ready to listen to them. This will make you aware of problems quickly and will equip you with the tools and information you need to solve them. Sometimes, the solutions you’re looking for lie in the brains of your employees.


Embrace Equality

Feeling like a god to your employees is one mistake some employers make. In some other instances, employers make it evident that some employees are more valued than others. Though favoritism can be subconscious, embracing equality for all employees will create a fair and equal workplace environment for all in your organization. With every employee feeling important and equal to the next person, they’ll work harder and be more productive.


Conclusively, A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Create a sound and efficient work environment with proper management and strong employer-employee relationship, and you’ll see your business sailing to success.