Display Advertising Training

Display Advertising Training

Display Advertising offers a variety of engaging ad types, tremendous targeting options, and robust data for driving future campaign decisions. Discover the subtle ins and outs of this powerful tool and learn if you should be using it, and how best to use it, to meet your marketing goals. From choosing the best ads for your campaigns, to cookies and remarketing campaigns, to working with third party agencies, this course offers comprehensive insight into this amazing opportunity for digital advertisers.

Display Advertising (8-10 hours)

Understanding the Digital Customer

A pretty button just isn’t enough. Success in display advertising lies not only in getting your message in front of your customer, but in persuading the customer to take the action you desire. That means getting your ads in the right place, with the right message, in the right context, to increase the likelihood the customer will give you that click. Reinforcing your brand message with relevant content is a powerful part of a successful campaign you can’t afford to ignore.

Defining Display Advertising

How can you battle banner blindness to ensure your message is seen? By choosing the right kind of ad in the first place. Learn the important differences between billboards and leaderboards, sidekicks and filmstrips, pushdowns and interstitials. Because contrary to banner blindness mythos, consumers do see, and respond to, the right ad in the right context.

Targeting Methods

Targeting is about more than just aiming for the right context: It’s about leveraging customer intent. You can get a more relevant message to individual customers by speaking to their past behavior. Gathering data on browsing habits, traffic patterns, past purchases, or abandoned carts lets you refine your messaging, become more relevant to the customer’s needs, and increase their likelihood to convert.

Behind the Scenes of Display

Successfully targeting customers requires data… the more user-specific, the better. That’s what cookies are for, and the better you understand them, the better off you’ll be. Learn the backstory of the types of cookies, how they work, and what you can do with the information. You’ll discover how you can use this behavioral data to refine your advertising message for increased personalized relevance.

Display Ad Optimization

Data is great, but is it enough? Get beyond the nuts and bolts of context and behavior, and get serious about your creative. Refining the creative elements of your ad design can quickly improve its performance, and bring you more qualified customers. Because conversion is in the eye of the beholder.

Display Advertising Players

Are you an advertiser, or a publisher? Should you use an ad agency, network, or exchange? From creative to data to delivery, you should understand where you fit into the advertising ecosystem. This primer will give you the overview you need to understand the players who make it all work, and how they work together.

How Display Is Sold

Don’t just buy ad space; reach a specific customer. Learn the digital display advertising flow, and see how the Demand Side Platform (DSP) connects your advertisements with the best possible audience. You’ll see how the relationship between ads, servers, browsers, and cookies conspires to get your message in front of the most receptive customers.

Measuring Display Success

There’s a big difference between cheap media and effective media. Discover the advantages of Cost Per Click, Cost Per Sale, and Cost Per Acquisition models, and how to measure the cost to your campaigns. You’ll be able to make the right choice to get the best return on your advertising investment.